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ZESTECH - with Unique Corporate Personality Standing among the Industry
Publisher:admin  Time:2013/10/8 16:46:53   Browse:3518

Depends on the rest of the market in 2012, after the automotive electronics market has entered the era of meager profit, and users for the requirement of increasing the product quality and functionality, manufacturers are also beginning to great difference. In such cases, with independent research and development ability of enterprises becomes more dominant, not only on product upgrading keep up with the trend of the Times, the upgrade of the function use are also more able to adapt to the pace of development.

When it comes to independent research and development, nature is little not philosophizing, shenzhen shenzhen technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "wisdom"), philosophizing, since its inception, has been adhere to the independent research and development, in the car audio industry has ten years of experience in research and development manufacturing, philosophizing always adhere to technological innovation, constantly improve product quality, improve product performance, service for car, service for the driver.

But the price as the market is the influence of the objective environment, to achieve double growth has certain difficulty, but I still can achieve more than 50% growth. Failure to achieve the growth of the double, investigate its reason, I think there are three factors, the first is economic environment, the world economy is now in depressed state of recession, even though the domestic economic situation is not so severe in 2008, but also not too good, whole on the macro most companies are bad.The second factor is the direct impact from vehicle market, the economic environment has on the domestic market have a big impact, coupled with some big cities card limit as well as the recent diaoyu island event is undoubtedly make the auto market this year, for the market the enterprise after us, the influence of vehicle sales still accounts for a large proportion. The third is the intensified competition in the industry, increasingly serious product homogeneity, a new round of price war had begun.

ZESTECH Have been adhere to the independent research and development, manufacturing, this advantage will play out, because the independent research and development of enterprises will survive, on the one hand, itself has the independent research and development and independent production of a certain advantage, on the other hand also has the strong ability to innovate. Because in the era of homogeneous products, in addition to blindly spell price, there is no other way. If you have innovation, you have a new product, can take more advantage and active, can completely out of the price war.

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3rd Floor 2nd Bld Xinfengze industrial park Shangnan East Road Shajing street Bao'an district Shenzhen China

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