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Car DVD Installation Steps
Publisher:admin  Time:2013/10/8 16:46:53   Browse:5637
The sound is one of an important part of the car. Listening to the wonderful music in the car compartment, not only is a kind of enjoyment, but also can make the physical and mental relaxation. As an increasing number of private car ownership, the rise of car DVD navigation machine, many people are not content to the original car factory stereo configuration, and the simple sense of hearing, more emphasis on entertainment, automotive vehicle DVD modification thus became an ascendant work.

Modified car audio shop right now, but there is no lack of among them the sham as the genuine. Therefore, if want to refitting vehicle DVD, must choose professional modified shop. Sometimes, from the installation on the length of time can determine whether a modified shop simple with professional standards. Professional remodeled stores individual, refitting process orderly, relatively short time. On the contrary, those messy operation, takes longer store will not be easily believe it. The country's largest technology the most mature sound remodeled stores, as has formed the brand such as "very city chain audio modification shop", acclaimed in the industry. 

Car DVD host, don't blindly buy, or not to use, two days to remove the replacement again, is very trouble, suggest to buy a high-profile brand of car DVD. vehicle DVD, good product performance and stability, shock resistance are similar products precedent, its products are exported to at home and abroad, choose such a reputation in domestic and international product, the quality of our products and have high security and after-sales.

A modified vehicle DVD more than listen to a lot of questions. The average person is very difficult to respectively on the market a wide range of the nose and the performance of the speaker. If our minds, might as well listen to more, but you should pay attention to listening to a tune, because different nose and speakers with music performance ability is different, only listen to a song, to choose their favorite type. In addition, on the market the same nose and speaker sometimes there is a big difference, so, before the determination can ask more to the various modified shop, to consult the price. But especially to note at this moment, some modified shop deliberately gives a low starting price, but don't think you so picked up cheap, in most cases, you must also be modified speaker in them at the same time, or you simply can't get low head, the reason is that people still in the horn body.
A modified error

1, The converted audio is to change the CD the nose. Change after the CD machine, synthesizer will "clean", but for the ascending little sound effects. Because the car stereo effect of construction is not only the advantages and disadvantages of the nose, in the eyes of professionals, in the nose and not only in the loudspeaker, almost is not modified.

2, Impulsive spending, regardless of the upgrade. Figure a cheap, the nose, the horn is to "on". Then appears to be saved some money, but once that want to improve the grade of a discovered in the future, before loading the almost became a waste a lot of these things. Therefore, conversions, should make a reasonable budget, and within budget, and discuss the configuration and professionals, to upgrade some leeway for later. Such as modified car DVD, suggest you had better choose to have built-in navigation vehicle DVD, if the machine can external GPS, can also choose to install together, otherwise later buy adding on DVD, GPS is very trouble.

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3rd Floor 2nd Bld Xinfengze industrial park Shangnan East Road Shajing street Bao'an district Shenzhen China

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