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Mobile navigation synchronizes the car screen. How to connect mobile navigation to car multimedia?

哲思特科技   |   2021-07-30

Mobile navigation synchronizes the car screen.How to connect mobile navigation to car multimedia? Here is a tutorial for everyone. Let’s take the current market comparison of the general Carplay and Android these two car system as an example. You can take your seat according to your own car system.

  1. Carplay(Apple Company)

Wired CarPlay: 

Before using Carplay, you need to prepare an original USB cable. It is also recommended to upgrade to version 9.0 and above for the iOS system. Connect the data cable to the USB port of the car, then you will be prompted to turn on Siri in your phone, and the car will automatically start Carplay. If Carplay does not appear on the home interface of the car, click the Carplay icon on the phone to start the system.

Wireless CarPlay: 

After the mobile phone is connected to the Bluetooth of the car, it will automatically start the carplay function. The phone will prompt you whether to use Carplay, click “use Carplay “to start the wireless CarPlay system.

Carplay navigation :

 Currently, Carplay navigation does not support third parties,and only supports Apple's own navigation. Both the phone and Carplay allow you to search for destinations and access navigation at the same time.

  1. Android Auto(Google)

Step 1. 

Download the Interconnection APP of the car, open the Android Iinterconnection module on the car navigation, scan the QR code, download and install it in the mobile phone.

Step 2.

After the installation is complete, start the interconnection software in the phone and keep it running normally.

Step 3.

The mobile phone is connected with the Bluetooth of the car, open the mobile phone USB debugging function.

Step 4.

Start the interconnecting software of the car terminal, and the words "Connection is successful, please operate through the car terminal" will be displayed on the mobile terminal.

Step 5.

After successfully synchronizing the mobile phone application on the car-machine , the main interconnection page is displayed, and the mobile phone mirror function is used to realize the function mapping of the mobile phone. At this time, the mobile navigation can be connected to the car screen.


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