Frequently Asked Questions




Not energized

Connecting wire is not properly connected

Check whether the wire is properly connected

Fuse is burnt

Check whether the fuse is burnt. If the fuse is burnt, replace it with another one of the same model promptly.

Internal processor does not work due to noise or other factor

Press Reset button the restore the player to its initial state

The player fails to play

The CD is polluted

Clean or replace the CD

No sound

The CD inserted is not supported by the player

Check the CD type

The tail wire is not properly connected

Connect the tail wire properly

No image

The brake wire is not earthed

Make sure the brake wire earthed

The player fails to play

The CD is of inferior quality or damaged

Replace the CD with a higher quality one

The player fails to play and the parental channel lock is displayed

The parental channel lock function is open

Close the parental channel function or change grade setting

The player fails to switch subtitle languages

The DVD played does not write many languages

Replace the DVD with another one with many languages

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